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Hot Runner Components

Termination Releading/Rewiring

Repairing damaged nozzles offers significant savings over replacement.

Integrally Heated Nozzles

Molders can experience two types of problems. First is damage to the heater termination. Hot Runner Technology has developed a technique to repair even the most damaged termination.

Integraly Heated Nozzle

The second is damage to the tip. This typically occurs when trying to remove or replace the tip assembly. We can quickly remove the tip – even carbide – with no damage to the thread or seal off areas. Hot Runner Technology is also a major supplier of new nozzle assemblies, valve pins, heaters, T/C’s, transfer seals, and tips.

Nozzle Heater Repairs

Nozzle Heater Repair

We can refurbish and repair broken nozzle heaters to like-new condition at a significant savings compared to purchasing new nozzle heater.

Manifold component repairs available at both locations - Hillsborough, NJ and St. Charles, IL.

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